CMOS Bioelectronics: Current and Future Trends

C-Y. Lin, M. S. Sajal, Y. Gilpin, F. Dehghandehnavi, A. Batueva, K-C. Lin, N. McFarlane, M. Dandin (2022) ‘CMOS Bioelectronics: Current and Future Trends’, in Bioelectronics. Boca Raton: CRC Press, pp. 93–107 [Online Article]

This chapter covers several CMOS-based architectures used in bioelectronics applications. We discuss the use of CMOS technology in the development of neural interfaces, including neurostimulators and neural recording amplifiers. We discuss techniques for ensuring charge balance to prevent tissue damage in neurostimulation, and we discuss several electrode configurations for neural recording. We also discuss a variety of CMOS biosensors. For example, we cover electrochemical sensors and their principle of operation, interfacial capacitance sensors, impedance sensors, and image sensors, all centered around state-of-the-art implementations that rely on CMOS circuits for sensing, transduction, and data processing at the front end.